Flowerhorn Facts

Flowehorn-Man made hybrid

Flowerhorn are a manmade hybrid of Cichlid that do not occur naturally in the wild. It is unknown when they were first developed, by whom or where.home2

It is not believed that they occurred from a natural mutation of any wild type Cichlid. Instead, it is believed that they were the result cross breeding different species of South American Cichlid. The most likely Cichlids that were crossbred are the Cichlasoma Amphilophus Citrinellus, Cichlasoma Trimaculatus, Cichlasoma Festae and the Jingang Blood Parrot. The initial strains of Flowerhorn showed up in 1993 in Malaysia.

The King Kamfa.

Kamfa Flowerhorn are a distinct Hybrid from other Flowerhorn. Kamfa are the result of crossing a ZZ Flowerhorn (which is an unknown hybrid itself) with a Parrot Fish. This hybrid has retained almost all characteristics of a typical Flowerhorn and you would be hard pressed to know that it has been crossed with a Parrot Fish by it?s characteristics. The main difference between Kamfa and other Flowerhorn is that their finnage is fuller and there is not a gap between the dorsal fin and the tail. There is also no gap between the anal fin and the tail. Kamfa can have a wide range of colors with red being the most common. Some have “Flowers” and some do not. Kamfa can also show a range of eye colors, with an orange/red being the norm.

A new variation of the Kamfa is the King Kamfa. King Kamfa Flowerhorn are an extremely new strain that is very commonly listed incorrectly. There is also wide disagreement on what defines a King Kamfa. King Kamfa have all of the characteristics of other Kamfa as listed above. King Kamfa usually have even longer and more flowing fins than regular Kamfa. Many strains of King Kamfa have a double row of ?Flowers?, but this is not true on all King Kamfa. King Kamfa typically have extremely large, shiny and peanut shaped ?Pearls?. They also have very large humps (KOK) with ?Pearls? on the KOK. Due to high inbreeding, viability of fry can be a concern with King Kamfa.