Monthly service of freshwater and saltwater aquariums consists of 2 to 4 visits depending on your system’s requirements. Coral reef systems are serviced every week. All aquarium surfaces are wiped free of algae. Rocks and décor are serviced in an appropriate manner as to maintain a clean appearance at all times.

Water parameters and fish are checked for any irregularities, diseases and treated accordingly. All equipment is checked for proper function and kept clean at all times. Occasionally the system will require a machine cleaning which removes all accumulated debris. This is a “spring cleaning” for the system to remove anything the filtration system is unable to remove. These services are billed on a per hour basis above the standard maintenance time. We have always offered a reasonable number of emergency visits at no charge. We often look after our clients systems while they are out of town. If there is a special event on the calendar, please don’t hesitate to call and we will make sure everything is at its best.Dry goods consist of food, décor, water additives, etc. and would include a discount. (Certain items such as salt may already be at maximum discount and would not receive the discount.) Live goods consist of all fish and corals these would also include a discount.

Do you have a lobster tank in your kitchen / restaurant ? We can help you out in that area also.

We are always on call and available in order to provide the personal attention our customers are looking for and expect. Your aquarium reflects both your image and ours.