Why Acrylic?

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Columbus Aquarium Supply in Columbus , Ohio, specializes in making custom-made acrylic fish tanks that provide both you and your fish with much better quality than any standard glass tank can ever offer. Our custom fish tanks provide a number of benefits that enhance your aquarium experience.

Improved Clarity

Acrylic allows 22% more light transmission than glass. This makes your fish look sharper and brighter in an acrylic aquarium, compared to one made from glass.

Better Insulation

With a 20% better insulation capacity, acrylic controls water temperature fluctuations, which provides a more stable and stress-free environment for your fish. Additionally, if you have a power failure, your acrylic aquarium takes much longer to cool down than a glass aquarium.

Lighter & Stronger

Acrylic is less than half the weight of glass, making it easier to ship, move, and set-up these tanks. Acrylic is also 17 times stronger than glass, which prevents your tank from shattering, cracking, or leaking.

Virtually Seamless

Acrylic seams are polished and nearly invisible molecular bonds that are actually stronger than the acrylic itself. With our seams, you can forget all about the problem of leaks or seams splitting, which is an inherent issue with glass tanks.